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Shower Gel Oil Therapy Relax Natural Honey (650 ml)

Natural Honey
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Product Information

Looking for a good-quality product that deeply cleans the skin gently? Then look no further.
Crafted with some of the best ingredients, this shower gel has a lovely fragrance and cleans all impurities from the body gently.
It leaves the skin with a slight fragrance that is both refreshing and rejuvenating. Moreover, the gel makes a rich lather that cleanses the skin thoroughly.
Additionally, the sweet aroma relaxes and gives peace of mind.
One of the best products that are available for personal hygiene.
How to Use
● Open the bottle and pour the gel into your hand.
● Make a rich lather with water and rinse.
● Be sure not to pour out a large quantity because a small amount will suffice.
● It will make a nice lather for you to enjoy.
● Disodium EDTA
● Aqua
● Sodium chloride
● Honey
● Sodium Laureth Sulfate
● Linalool
● Limonene
● Citral
● Fragrance
● Glyceryl laurate
● Cocamidopropyl betaine
● Citric acid
● Isostearamide MIPA
● Methylisothiazolinone
● Propylparaben
● beautyge
● methylparaben
● betaine
● polyquaternium
● glyceryl cocoate
Product Details
● Gender: male, female, unisex
● Capacity: 650 ml
● SPF: none
● Format: thick liquid gel
● Skin types: all types of skin
● Lasts: quite long, depends on usage
● Fragrance: citrus
● How often should it be used: whenever the need arises
● When should one use it: any time of the day
● Texture: a thick liquid that makes a rich lather
● Expiry: not specified, usually 12 months after opening
● Size: small
The revolutionary shower gel has some unique qualities that give it an edge over other gels available in the market:
● Long-lasting
● Hypoallergenic
● Made from high-quality ingredients
● Keeps the skin fresh
● Keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized
● Has a lovely fragrance
● Light on the skin
● Causes no rashes or irritation on the skin
● Leaves the skin lightly fragranced and refreshed
● Not artificially colored
● Non-greasy
● Extra absorbent

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