Translation Disclaimer

This website come only in English language for the moment. Lindkart team is doing its best to translate the whole website with more than 6000 products into new languages. But such effort requires time and investment. While waiting for our teams to finish a proper translation of the content of, we decided to offer our customers a translation tool (based on third party solution) to translate the content of lindkart into their favorite language. This is said, Lindkart.Com decline all responsibility in relation to:

  • The accuracy of the translation
  • The quality of the translation
  • The language of the translation
  • Any damage direct or indirect related to the translation

All our policies (privacy policy, terms of service, shipping policy and refund policy) are drafted in English. Any translation of our policies is only for convenience purpose and is not binding in front of law.

If you have any question about any translation please send us an email to: