About Us

Lindkart is your beauty universe, where you can shop beauty, cosmetics, perfumes, and wellness products from most of the famous brands.

Lindkart is the fruit of several years of hard work by a team of motivated professionals. Our product catalog has expanded in the past 2 years from 6,000 products to more than 12,000 products to meet customer demand.

As of the end of 2022, Lindkart is selling small beauty appliances like hair dryers, hair curlers, and electric tooth brushes. This is in addition to our wide range of beauty accessories.

Lindkart is always looking for the best beauty and care products for its customers. Based on our customers' suggestions and comments, we add new products and remove others that don’t meet our quality standards.

Lindkart is all about its customers and satisfying their needs for quality beauty products.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

At Lindkart we care about the environment and people safety. Therefore we do our best to ensure a safe working place at all time.

We also work hard to reduce packaging size. All Lindkart deliveries are Carbon Free.

Lindkart is committed to donate 5% of its yearly profit to charities as part of its social responsibilities.

100% Original Products

All our products are 100% original and purchased directly from the different brands or from authorized retailers. Lindkart guarantee that all products are 100% genuine.

Customer Support

Lindkart offers an online chat and an email address to receive customers requests and answer their questions and claims within a reasonable time.

Our chat service is working 8 hours a day 5 days a week and we answer emails within 24 hours.

Secure Shopping

When you visit our website your activity is protected and your shopping is safe.

Our website is protected by SSL encryption and continuously monitored and protected by DMCA.COM.

You can check the safety of our website on:

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Your Privacy Matter

We respect our customers privacy and we never sell their data to any third party. Our customers data is used in a strict way to process customers orders, claims, information request. While we collect analytical data when customers are visiting our website this data is anonymous and doesn’t allow the identification of the customer. We are GDPR compliant. As a customer you can visit our policies to check how we are processing your data:

Privacy Policy

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Lindkart.Com is a brand of International Shopping Experience International LTD (SEI) a UK company.

  • SEI is registered with Companies House under number: 11005817,
  • SEI VAT Number: GB313448520
  • SEI Registered Office: 25 Norway Gate, London, England, SE16 7TR, United Kingdom

You can contact us at one of these emails:

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Lindkart is recruiting for internal positions, contractor and interim.

We are interested in priority in these skills:

  • Web Designer
  • Online Sales Managers
  • Customer Support Specialists
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Web Developers
  • IT Security Specialists
  • Product Managers
  • Logistics Specialists

If you are interested in any of the above roles please send your resume to this email address: careers@lindkart.com.


If you are interested in working with us please send an email with your service offer, your company details and also your contact to this email address: suppliers@lindkart.com.