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Highlighter Contour'n Strobe Gosh Copenhagen

Gosh Copenhagen
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Product Information

Highlighter Contour'n Strobe Gosh Copenhagen is an exclusive quattro. It includes a highlighter, a semi-matt blush, and two bronzers to contour and define. A quattro for sculpting and enhancing features.

How to Use

The highlighter is perfect for highlighting cheekbones, the semi-matt blush makes cheeks pop, and the two bronzers contour and define.
All four shades have a light, creamy and soft texture and are easy to apply and blend. They have a rich color pay-off and blend effortlessly to enhance the skin tone and give a flawless, no-makeup appearance.
The highlighter is great at creating a healthy glow and making the skin seem more awake. It is also a wonderful way to quickly add life to your makeup

  • Under the brow bone: Apply highlighter just under the brow bone, but above the crease of the eyelid to give the illusion of bigger eyes
  • Apple of the cheek: If a lovely glow is desired — as opposed to a slightly more contoured look — apply a small dot of highlighter to the apple of the cheek
  • Bridge of the nose: It works especially well to contour the nose area. Apply highlighter along the bridge of the nose and a darker shade on the sides of the nose to make it appear slimmer
  • To make the nose appear wider: Apply highlighter on the sides of the nose to make it appear wider
  • Inner corner of the eye: Add just a pinch of highlighter to the inner corner of the eye to brighten up any dark areas
  • Along the cheekbone: To define of the cheekbones, apply highlighter in a diagonal line from just beneath the center of the eye socket up towards the hairline and blend
  • Cupid’s bow: Give lipstick a really clean look by applying highlighter to the cupid’s bow
  • Center of eyelid: A touch of highlighter at the center of the eyelid will make eyes look bigger and more awake


  • 4in1: Highlight, blush, 2 x contour
  • Sculpt, strobe, define & shape
  • Excellent color pay-off
  • Blends seamlessly
  • Complements all skin tones
  • Vegan
  • Gender: Lady
  • Capacity: 20 g
  • Color: 001-light

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