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Types of Hair And Best Treatment For Each Type of Hair

Haircare is as essential as skincare. A beautiful hairstyle enhances the overall look. You can achieve and rock your favourite hairstyle if you’ve got healthy hair. A good hair care routine and the right hair care products are essential for your hair. Apart from this, your hair needs treatment to restore its shine. Without any doubt, the best way to maintain your hair is to invest in good hair treatment.
But what’s the proper hair treatment? What hair treatment is suitable for your hair type? And most importantly, what is your hair type? In this article, we will answer all these questions. Moreover, we will also help you determine your hair type and a suitable treatment based on your hair type.
If you go to a salon for hair treatment, you will have endless options for hair treatment. But, the right way to choose a hair treatment is first to know your hair type and your hair goals. You need to understand your hair type and what you expect from treatment? Do you want your natural hair texture back, or do you want to change your hair color with as little damage as possible? Answering the above questions will help you find a suitable hair treatment based on your hair needs and type. Let's first start with some tips for each hair type.
Hair Care Tips for Each Type of Hair
Straight Hair - People with straight hair have to deal with an extremely oily scalp, which means they need to wash their hair four to five times a week. Hence, experts recommend using a dry shampoo. It’s a lifesaver for straight and oily hair. Besides, make sure not to use products that add extra oil to your hair.
Curly Hair - The best thing you can do is use your fingertips to rake through the wet hair instead of combing. Also, avoid silicone and sulfates in your curl products because they can result in dryness and breakage in the long run.
Wavy Hair - This hair shape is partly straight and curly resulting in dreamy, beachy waves. Since it’s a gentle texture, you need to use more light and gel-based products.
Coily Hair - People with oily hair need to be extra gentle with their hair. Coily hair needs a lot of moisture. Hence, deep conditioning and creamy products are excellent options for managing them.
How to Determine Your Hair Type?
You can quickly get rid of most hair problems by knowing your hair type because most hair problems stem from using the wrong product on your hair. Besides, determining your hair type and choosing products accordingly can boost your hair growth and maintain healthy hair. Here are three factors that can help you choose your hair type.
Important: you might not have one type of hair; it’s possible to have a combination. Therefore, figure out one central area and focus on it.
Hair Texture
The texture of the hair is simply the width of each hair strand. They can fall into three classifications: fine, medium, and thick. Usually, fine hair is more sensitive and doesn’t hold well. Moreover, if your hair is shiny and holds its shape, you probably have a medium hair texture. Thick hair is voluminous and is challenging to manage.
Hair Shape
Your shape can be straight, curly, wavy, and coily. Straight hair doesn’t need extra attention. Whereas curly, wavy, and coily hair require special care because they are usually dry, frizzy, and coarse. It’s important to note that you might not have a single hair shape. For instance, you can have straight hair at the root and wavy at the ends.
Condition of Your Scalp
Only you can understand the condition of your scalp. You can figure out your scalp condition based on how many times you wash your hair in a week. People with dry scalp usually wash their hair once a week. The oily scalp needs hair wash four to five times a week - sometimes even daily. Furthermore, people with the normal scalp, which means neither oily nor dry, wash their twice a week.
Best Treatment for Each Type of Hair
After determining your hair type, let’s jump right into the hair treatment suitable for your hair type. A proper hair treatment should be a part of self-care. After all, it can help you get the healthy and gorgeous hair you have always wanted. We all have different hair goals, and hair treatment can help you achieve that.
Keratin Treatment
Keratin treatment can combat hair problems such as frizz and heat damage. Keratin is a type of protein that repairs damage - makes your hair soft and frizz-free. It is ideal for curly hair, frizzy hair, and straight hair with heat damage. The treatment is known to fight hair damage and deliver soft and stronger hair as a result. Nevertheless, the results stay for weeks, and you will need another keratin application when your hair grows out. There are two ways of treating your hair with keratin. Keratin treatment, also known as a Brazilian blowout, will maintain your hair for up to three months. Whereas the smoothing keratin treatment can last up to six months.
Hot Oil Treatment
This treatment is one of the favourite treatments of many customers because the hot oil massage works like magic for a quick shine. Massaging your hair with oil can close the hair cuticles that are left open after heating your hair. Since oils carry various vitamins, they can give your hair much-needed nourishment and relaxation. Two of the most preferred hair oils are coconut oil and almond oil. The best part is that any hair type can get this treatment without a second thought. However, it’s perfect for curly hair. Besides, if you deal with dry, frizzy, and coloured hair, you need to add this treatment to your salon services.
Moisture Treatment
Breathe new life into your hair with this moisture protein treatment. Just like the title suggests, moisture treatment is creme deep conditioning treatment. It’s ideal for wavy and coily hair since these hair shapes deal with dry scalp. People with coily hair need to moisturise their hair inside out; therefore, this treatment works best. Moreover, it can fix split ends and lack of shine resulting in soft and silky hair. You can add this treatment to your weekly blowout and enjoy manageable hair for days to come.
Protein Treatment
Our hair is made of protein, but it vanishes from the heat, styling, and harmful products. A protein treatment helps to bring back the hair's elasticity - elasticity keeps the hair from breaking. Your hair can stretch and bounce back after this treatment since it strengthens the hair by providing protein directly to the follicle. Every type of hair needs protein. However, curly hair especially needs it in order to keep the texture of curls. Apply this treatment once or twice a month for best results and keep your curls popping. The best protein treatment effects will last for four to six weeks.
Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment
This is genuinely the most effective and loved hair treatment. This treatment works wonders on your hair. Your hair doesn’t only need to look good and shiny; it should also stay hydrated. Hence, if your hair is not soft, shiny, and hydrated, it’s time for you to get a deep conditioning hair treatment. It can solve all of these issues and give you healthy hair. Make sure to schedule it once in several months for effective results. The good news is that this treatment works effectively for every type of hair, no wonder why it’s the most popular salon treatment out there!
Hair Detox Treatment
Whether straight, curly, wavy, or coily if your hair is exposed to extra hair styling, chemicals, and product usage, then this treatment is your savior. You can quickly get rid of buildup on the hair shaft caused by chemicals or extensive product usage. This treatment detoxes your hair and promotes its growth. Hair detox treatment is magic if you want a healthy scalp and to enhance your overall hair.
Relax Treatment
 A relaxing treatment that can bring your hair to a manageable state. This is the best treatment for frizz-free hair. Women with wavy curly hair seem to love this treatment to reduce the curls and frizz and make their hair manageable. With this treatment, you can easily get the beach waves you always desired. Since relax treatment involves using chemicals, you should only get it when necessary. If it’s done often, you will end up with dull and dry hair
There are various salon treatments for your hair. Whether you wish to improve your hair texture, get rid of dull and frizzy hair, or strengthen your hair, you will always be able to find a hair treatment. It’s best to take time to figure out your hair type and condition and then compare them to the kind of hair look you wish to achieve through the treatment. However, you can also consult a hairstylist for the best advice.

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