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Natural and Organic Cosmetics

As our skin is the most considerable organ of the body, it soaks products applied over it and makes them reach the bloodstream. So it is essential to use skin-friendly products.

The usage of natural and organic cosmetics is increasing day by day. People prefer organic and natural products over chemically composed products. Given the rise of natural and organic skin products, many brands are coming up, which means that the availability of organic and natural products is increasing day by day. You can find everything available online at a highly reasonable price, from natural lipstick to natural cleanser. But it is essential to understand that all brands claim themselves to be natural. But most of them are not natural. You need to be careful while researching and finding a brand you can trust for buying the products you want.
Primary Difference Between Natural and Organic cosmetics
First, the word "natural/organic" can be defined as "existing in or produced by nature." Natural cosmetics would be composed of vegetables and fruits ingredients which also contain a small number of chemical ingredients. In contrast, organic cosmetics are made up of organic herbs without adding chemicals.
The truth is that all ingredients undergo some chemical processing; otherwise, they wouldn't exist.
For example, we can't just take the willow bark and add cream into a cream. We need to extract salicin, an active ingredient from it, and then we can use it in the product.
Why are natural and organic cosmetics better?
Many women apply cosmetics daily, and whether it is a meeting or any social event, cosmetics are an essential part of women's daily routine. But frequent use of cosmetics that contain toxic ingredients can cause health problems like allergies, skin cancer and even Alzheimer's.
There are many options available in the market when it comes to cosmetics. For example, you can buy conventional cosmetic products composed of artificial or petrolatum-based components. Or you have the option to choose natural and organic products.
So the question is, why are natural and organic cosmetics better?
Conventional cosmetics are made up of artificial elements like parabens, propylene glycol, and phthalates that can be harmful to the skin and may cause some skin problems. These elements can disturb your hormonal balance and cause allergic reactions.
Petrolatum-based cosmetics can cause issues like skin dryness.
While organic and natural cosmetics use gentle ingredients. For example, products made up of plant oil can provide hydration and protect from dehydration. Natural and organic ingredients can treat skin problems effectively.
The best part is that organic and natural products are free from parabens and other harmful chemicals.
Although natural and organic cosmetics are gentle to the skin, stop using the product if you observe any redness or irritation.
What are the major benefits of organic and natural cosmetics?
Our skin absorbs 60% of the product we apply to our skin. All of us want to look youthful and fresh. Using ordinary products for too many years can defeat this purpose.
Natural and organic beauty products are becoming a favourite choice for women who appreciate a more environmentally friendly way to use makeup or keep their hair and skin looking healthy. Being an eco-warrior, preferring organic and natural cosmetics should be your priority if you follow a healthy lifestyle. That drives the natural beauty market to grow much quicker than the beauty market as a whole.
Let's look at some benefits of natural and organic cosmetics and explore why you must dump your ordinary makeup and say hello to natural and organic cosmetics.
7 Wonderful Benefits of natural and organic cosmetics
• No harmful chemicals ingredients
• Environment-friendly products
• No allergic reactions and side effects
• Suitable for all skin types
• No artificial fragrance
• Nourishes skin
• Anti-ageing
No harmful chemicals ingredients
Chemical ingredients can cause skin issues and make your skin sensitive to UV radiation. Organic and natural cosmetics have no harmful chemical ingredients. These cosmetics don't contain harmful components, most common in chemical products. If you desire to initiate your journey in an all-natural and eco-friendly world, you can begin by utilizing natural soaps. Milk goat soap is used in organic soaps, which provide hydration to the skin. At the same time, soaps made up of cocoa butter will hydrate and make your skin elastic which is good for adult skin. There are so many options available in the market, and it gives you a chance to discover the most suitable fit for your skin.
Ingredients that are primarily used in natural and organic cosmetics are
• Antioxidants
• Alpha Hydroxy acids
• Vitamin E
• Glycerin
• Citric acids
Organic cosmetics contain many antioxidants, including vitamin C from fruit extracts. These antioxidants keep skin looking youthful and fresh for so many years. Natural cosmetics contain Alpha hydroxy acids like lactic acid, malic acid or glycolic acids. These acids profoundly clean the pores, exfoliates the skin, soften the skin and remove blemishes and scars.
Vitamin E is present in skin care products and makeup kits. Products like lotions, creams, foundations, BB creams, lipsticks and lip balm contain vitamin E. Natural, and organic cosmetics also have anti-inflammatory properties. Glycerin has many benefits, and most important is that it has anti-ageing properties. It keeps skin hydrated long period. When you apply glycerin-based makeup, your skin remains moisturized and soft.
When you use organic cosmetics containing citric acids, you can wear them for a couple of hours. They have antiseptic properties, also increase blood circulation and boost collagen production. The net result will be healthier and smoother looking skin.
Environment-friendly products
Cosmetics produced from conventionally made components can have a harmful environmental effect. They can cause pollution and destroy the ozone layer during the production process. Organic and natural cosmetics are made up of natural ingredients. They are safe for the ecosystem. Since there are fewer chemicals in these products, there is hugely less trash and toxins back into the earth when produced and used. Human beings, animals and the environment are all safe from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals. It means that natural and organic products do wonders to your skin and positively impact the environment.
No allergic reactions and side effects
Natural and organic cosmetics are better because they don't have unnecessary fillers or irritants. Skin problems in the form of skin allergies, skin rashes, and breakouts result from using cosmetics loaded with harmful chemicals, synthetic colours, and fillers in products. Many people are even allergic to chemicals typically found in conventionally made cosmetics. Organic and Natural cosmetics work with your skin rather than against it.
Suitable for all skin types
Natural and organic cosmetics are beneficial for all skin types, including sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin types cannot tolerate harsh and chemical ingredients. People with normal skin can also face problems while using non-organic cosmetics because they can trigger issues like dryness, itching and redness. Those who are suffering from issues like eczema cannot tolerate toxic ingredients.
Natural organic ingredients are mild enough on the skin. This controls any reaction, and people with delicate and sensitive skin can enjoy natural and organic cosmetics.
No artificial fragrance and No parabens
Some people are allergic to strong smells. Organic and Natural products are free of any toxic smell. Chemical-based cosmetics may contain a toxic smell. You will be surprised that many people suffer from allergic reactions due to synthetic fragrances. Artificial fragrances can cause severe health issues like migraine, watery eyes and respiratory issues. Parabens are the preservatives used during the manufacturing process of cosmetics. They are used to increase the shelf life of the products, but they can disturb estrogen production. They can also cause skin cancer.
Organic and natural cosmetics are free from parabens and artificial fragrances.
Nourishes skin
Many chemical elements used as cheap fillers do more harm than good. Your skin might look brighter for a couple of weeks, but artificial ingredients can cause itching, redness, irritation, increased sensitivity, and clogged pores in the long run.
Like many other cosmetics made with organic ingredients, natural organic cosmetics can help feed the skin with extra nourishment. Hydrating ingredients like Vitamin E, witch hazel, olive oil, palm oil, and castor oil are commonly used in natural and organic cosmetics. These ingredients make skin healthy and youthful. These products are also full of antioxidants which can help ward off early signs of ageing or keep the skin looking good.
Ordinary cosmetics include many extra ingredients, including chemicals, fillers, preservatives and artificial colours. Applying these cosmetics can cause age quickly. They can cause wrinkles, fine lines and dryness. Cosmetics made up of natural ingredients have vitamin E, olive oil and castor oil, which help to protect your skin from wrinkles and fine lines.
In a nutshell, it won't be wrong to say that the use of natural and organic cosmetics improves your skin texture and prevents your skin from wrinkles, blemishes, and other skin diseases. So get rid of your usual makeup kits and say welcome to organic and natural cosmetics.

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