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Explore Different types of perfumes and their concentration

So many types of perfumes exist that it can be hard to know which one to buy. One way to narrow down your options is by being familiar with the concentration of the perfume you are interested in.

The proportion of aromatic ingredients (called the "juice") in a scent is called the perfume concentration. An Eau de Toilette, for example, includes five to fifteen percent perfume concentration combined with alcohol, but an Extrait de Parfum contains twenty to forty percent. This percentage difference gives an Eau de Toilette a lighter flavour and makes it less expensive than an Extrait de Parfum.

The concentration of perfume also influences the duration of a fragrance. An Eau de Toilette typically lasts three to four hours, but an Extrait de Parfum lasts six to eight hours or more. Let’s explore the different types of Fragrances and which one will suit your personality.

Different Types of Perfumes

There are many different types of perfumes, each with its unique scent. You can find fragrances with floral, woodsy, or fruity scents. Some perfumes have a strong aroma, while others are subtler. Different concentrations of smell can also be found, so you can find fragrances that are light or heavy on the scent.

If you're looking for a specific smell, it's best to try different types of perfumes until you find one that suits your needs. Some people prefer light aromas that only scent their clothes and surfaces; others like heavier perfumes that will linger in the air for hours. The type of perfume you choose is up to you!

1. Parfum

A parfum is a type of perfume that comes in an aerosol can. It's usually lighter and subtler than other types of fragrances. Parfums are typically used to scent clothes, hair, and skin. Parfum contains the most perfume oils (between 20 and 40%) and has a longer-lasting power than the lesser variants.

2. Eau de Toilette

An eau de toilette is a type of perfume that's lighter in weight and less potent than a parfum. It's most commonly used to scent your skin and hair. It is somewhat less expensive than Eau de Parfum because of a reduction in perfume oil (5 - 15%) and an increase in added alcohol. The duration of EDT also decreases, with an average of three to four hours (depending on skin type).

3. Cologne

A Cologne is a perfume that comes in a spray can or bottle. It's heavier and has a more intense aroma than eau de toilette or parfum. Colognes are typically used to scent men's clothing, hair, and skin. It is often known as EDC and has a lesser concentration than Eau de Toilette at roughly 2 - 5%, which reduces its staying power to around two hours.

4. Aftershave & Eau Fraiche

Aftershave & Eau Fraiche are types of perfumes that are applied directly to the skin after shaving. They're typically light in weight and have a more subtle scent than cologne or perfume. Eau Fraiche has a lower perfume oil content, roughly 1 - 3%, than EDC, but it does not include as much alcohol; instead, this extra component is primarily water.

5. Perfume Oil

The perfume oil is a type of perfume that's applied with a diffuser. It's heavier and has a more pungent scent than eau de toilette or parfum. The perfume oil is typically used to scent candles, bath products, and home fragrances.
Concentration Levels of Perfumes

Perfumes are made up of different compounds, each with a different scent. Some fragrances have high concentrations of one type of compound, while others may have a mix of different combinations.

Some ordinary perfumes include floral, woodsy, citrus, and earthy scents. Each type has its concentration level.

Flowers like roses or jasmine can have high levels of linalool, a sweet-smelling compound. It makes the perfume smell sweet and floral. Other flowers like lavender or ylang-ylang may only have low levels of linalool, which means they will not be as sweet smelling but still have a floral scent.

Woods like cedar or sandalwood often contain high levels of eucalyptus oil, which gives the scent a robust woodsy smell. Eucalyptus oil is also used in many mouthwash products because it helps kill bacteria and freshen your breath.

Citrus fruits like oranges or tangerines contain high citral levels, giving the fragrance a fruity scent. Other citrus fruits like grapefruit or lemon may only have low levels of citral, so their aroma will be less intense than those with higher concentrations.

Earthy scents like patchouli or birch tar contain high levels of terpenes, which give the perfume its characteristic smell. Different terpenes give each bouquet its own.

Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Perfume

  1. Take into account your body chemistry. If you are allergic to certain fragrances, it is best to avoid them or test a small amount first to see if you are allergic.
  2. Consider the concentration of the perfume. A more pungent scent will last longer but may also be more intense. There are also lighter and more subtle fragrances available that can be used as desired.
  3. Choose a fragrance that reflects your personality and style. What does your wardrobe smell like? Are there any specific scents you want to incorporate into your outfit.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the different types of perfumes before making a purchase. Some aromas come in spray bottles; others come in vials or containers. It can be helpful to read product descriptions and reviews online to get an idea of what might work well for you before buying something specifically designed for wearing on the skin.
  5. Test out different scents before committing to a full-size bottle or container of perfume. Perfume is often expensive, so it's worth trying out a few other options before making an investment.

How to Match a Fragrance with Your Body Type?

Consider your body type if you're having trouble picking the right perfume for yourself. Fragrances are categorized according to their concentration, which tells you how strong the scent will be.

For those with a lighter body type, choose fragrances with low concentrations. These scents will be less intense and will last longer on your skin.

For those with a heavier body type, choose fragrances with high concentrations. These scents will be more intense and will wear off faster.

Now that you know what to look for, find the perfect fragrance for your unique personality!

Best Perfumes to add to your Wardrobe

Here, I’m listing some of the best Perfumes to add in your wardrobe. All of them are the perfect and unisex fragrances to be worn formally or casually.

1. Original Alvarez Gomez Eau de Cologne (300 ml)

Original Alvarez Gomez Eau de Cologne (300 ml) is a light, refreshing scent that is perfect for Summer. The fragrance features top notes of mandarin orange, lemon, and bergamot; middle notes of jasmine, lavender, and rose; and base notes of oakmoss and sandalwood.

2. Unisex Perfume Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo Di Sicilia Acqua Di Parma EDT

It is a new fragrance by the house of Parma. Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo di Sicilia Acqua di Parma EDT is a scent that celebrates the Mediterranean. This fragrance is about mandarin, peach, jasmine, amber, sandalwood, and musk. It has a very clean and refreshing scent that would be perfect for anyone who wants to feel like they're on vacation.

3. Orange Blossom Fresh Eau de Cologne (300 ml)

Orange Blossom Fresh Eau de Cologne is a light, refreshing scent that is perfect for summertime. It has a concentration of 3.4% and can be worn day and evening.

It includes Aqua, Alcohol, Eau de Cologne (Fragrance), Menthol, Laurus Nobilis (Laurus nobilis), Bud Extract, Sodium Benzoate, and Potassium Sorbate.

4. Unisex Perfume Intense Wakening Woods Of Scandinavia 4711 EDC (170 ml)

Gender-neutral, this scent is a wake-up call for the senses. It's woodsy, earthy, and spicy with a bright citrus kick. At 4711 EDP concentration, it's potent and long-lasting. Wear this fragrance to invigorate any environment - work or play!

5. Agua Fresca De Flores Bergamota Eau de Cologne (175 ml)

If you're looking for a sweet, floral scent, you'll love Agua Fresca De Flores Bergamot Eau de Cologne. This perfume has a light, refreshing fragrance that is perfect for summer days. The concentration of this fragrance is moderate, so it should last throughout the day.

6. Agua Fresca De Flores Neroli Eau de Cologne (175 ml)

Aqua Fresca de Flores Neroli is a refreshing and aromatic cologne. It features a blend of neroli, rose, jasmine and tuberose oils. The scent is light and floral, perfect for any occasion. Aqua Fresca de Flores Neroli comes in a 175 ml bottle with a spray top.


Perfumes are often considered a luxurious addition to one's beauty regime, but many types of fragrances have different concentrations and purposes. For example, rose scents are typically more concentrated and intended for women who want to smell sweet and floral, while jasmine perfumes are more floral and mild. There are also variations based on the climate or region in which the fragrance is made, so it's important to experiment to find the scent that suits you best.

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