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5 tips and routines for facial care for men

In recent times, men have begun to worry about their skin and personal care. Currently, getting information about women's beauty care is not complicated, but it is not so easy to find beauty advice about men's facial care.

To keep men's skin clean and healthy , it's not enough to simply wash your face. To stay away from dry, brittle, dull skin, a man should stick to a simple skincare routine. 

Here are some tips on facial skin care for men that will help you have healthy looking skin.  If you want a member of your family or a loved one to start a routine of this type, we recommend giving them the push they need by giving them the basic elements they need or some experience related to personal care .

Washing your face is mandatory!

Cleanliness is just as important in facial care for men as it is for women, due to exposure to pollution : cigarette smoke, car fumes, and other skin-damaging pollutants. Also, men are likely to have thicker and oilier skincompared to women. Excess oil can stick to the skin and block the pores. Therefore, they require obtaining a cleanser that is appropriate for their individual skin type.

A proper cleanser will help to thoroughly cleanse and remove debris from your pores. Instead of using a bar soap that can dry out the face, a man should opt for a liquid cleanser formulated with cleansing substances that is suitable for his skin type: oily, dry or normal. 

Use your moisturizer EVERY day

 Whether using a light oil, cream or some other product, you should always remember to moisturize your skin daily after washing . It is a key point in facial care for men. Doing so will keep your skin elastic, preventing it from being itchy or too flaky. You should choose a good moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type.
• If your skin is dry, select a cream that has the thickest formulation.
• If your skin is oily, select a skin gel or toner.
• If you have normal skin, get a lotion that is less greasy and lighter.
• For men with combination skin, the sweet spot between light and heavy creams should be hit.

Exfoliate your skin every week

 Exfoliation is vital to remove dead skin along with dirt that doesn't go away with daily washing. Exfoliation leaves your skin clearer and more alive. Another benefit of exfoliation is that the hair follicles are softened , resulting in an easier shave and negligible irritation. For normal and combination skin types, use a gel-based scrub or cream-based scrub to remove dirt from your face. It is recommended to exfoliate only once or twice (maximum) a week and with at least a space of 3-4 days between them. Remember that over-exfoliating can damage your skin.

Preventing wrinkles is your goal


The skin around the eyes is deficient in oil and sweat glands, and extremely vulnerable to under-eye dryness. And this results in wrinkles and fine lines. To stop this, apply a small amount of moisturizer around the skin under your eyes in the morning and before bed. Moisturizing this part is particularly crucial for facial care for men of any age. Especially for those who lead a more stressed life or practice sports often. The moment has come! Enjoy taking care of yourself.


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