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Spring Skin Care Routine

In the spring, due to the increase in ambient temperature, our sebaceous glands begin to work actively, more sweat and sebum are formed, which together make up our natural protective film on the skin. But, at the same time, excessive sebum production creates an ideal environment for bacterial activity and acne formation, so it is very important to maintain the correct pH balance of the dermis environment.

Also in the spring, the activity of the sun's rays increases, this entails malfunctions in the melanin mode of operation, so age spots and freckles appear  (btw natural freckles are beautiful and should be admired)  , and the skin also acquires an earthy gray complexion.In addition, the skin lacks vitamins in the spring, which makes it look tired and dehydrated, loses its elasticity and firmness.


How to take care of your skin during spring?

Step1: cleansing

In the spring, you need to completely reconsider your daily skin care. First, you should pay close attention to the method of cleansing the skin. It is recommended not to use strong, drying foams.

Girls with oily skin should choose soft cleansing gels ; We recommend to you this face care set : Women's Cosmetics Set Aqua Réotier L'occitane (4 pcs)


 Step 2: Peeling

There is also a widespread belief that in the spring-summer period it is impossible to peel the skin, which is not entirely true. Of course, it is impossible to exfoliate the skin immediately before going outside, since weakened skin will be more susceptible to UV rays, which will lead to the active formation of age spots and the appearance of yellowness of the complexion.

However, the use of soft peels in the evening is necessary, peels with fruit acids in a roll format, for example, 1. Body Exfoliator Perfect Body Collistar ; 2. Exfoliating Body Gel Anne Müller ; 3. Facial Exfoliator Purify Valmont

Step 3: Nutrition

Since the skin is more sebum-prone in spring and summer, we recommend those products for a healthy , moisturized skin : 1. Collagen & Elastin Repairing Complex Postquam (12 units) ; 2. Personal Care Set Moisturizer Postquam

And for those who are concerned about the issue of dry skin, emulsions will be an ideal option and a real salvation . These are water-based products with the addition of oil particles, they simultaneously intensively moisturize and nourish the skin, restoring its elasticity.

Also, do not forget that not only properly selected cosmetics affect the condition of our skin, it is important to follow the general recommendations for skin care and not neglect good beauty habits!


Our general recommendations:

  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of mineral water without gas, to avoid insufficient skin hydration, since many metabolic processes in the skin require liquid;
  • Walk outdoor more often and eat more fruits;
  • Pay attention to facial expressions, unfortunately, more often we have not age-related, but mimic wrinkles;
  • Always clean your skin of makeup;
  • Do not be lazy to use not only ready-made cosmetic masks, but also care masks according to folk recipes;
  • Don't neglect sunscreen for your face and moisturizers for your hands .


And remember that the condition of the skin always reflects the internal processes of the whole body organism! So don't hesitate to consult with your general practioner or dermathologist before using any product or skin care routine.

With Lindkart stay healthy and beautiful all year!